Maple Avenue Labs
Maple Avenue Labs is a start up helping consumers organize and experience their personal photo collections. We develop state-of-the-art software and image analysis technologies to deliver a better photo browsing experience that scales to hundreds of thousands of photos. By building our company around our research, we hope to bring cutting edge technologies directly to consumers.
A simple, powerful way to organize photos. Sifterr for iPhone® and iPod Touch® helps you organize your photos into albums quickly and easily. Using Sifterr, you can tag your photos 60 seconds at a time - while you're waiting in line, making coffee, or in a taxi!
A personalized, interactive artwork based on your Facebook photos. Our technology analyzes your photos and generates a unique piece of art that reflects how the colors in your life have changed over time. Order your huelab on canvas and get a personal, abstract artwork for your home or your workplace.
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